This F***ed up Moment, Your time is Precious !!

A few weeks ago I wrote this short post:

“Your time is precious don’t waste it doing the wrong things. Use every moment to create something. Getting closer to God is something. Creating a bond with someone is something. Creating a new project is something. Creating anything that has value to you. Don’t waste your time doing the wrong things, or with the wrong people. Use it to enjoy, learn, and serve I would always say. I can have weeks of laziness. However I am happiest when I am using my time creating something. Use your time you don’t have much left”

At this specific moment I felt how short our life’s truly is and that there isn’t enough time left. I typed this quickly and posted it for everyone to see. However I want to re-write this with a better structure and style.

The Panic:

Well, if I were you I would start panicking because really you don’t have much left. Every day that passes is one day taken from your life. Today is one of those days. How did you use today? Did you do something fun? Did you learn something new? Did you help someone achieve something? Did you show gratitude for the things you have? We can go on and on with questions. However if the answers to all the questions are “NO”. Then I have bad news for you today was WASTED. Yes, it was wasted you did nothing special. You haven’t even done anything basic. Sorry for being harsh, but till when will you keep saying in the future I will be great. In the future I will create. In the future I will be different. Shut up and realize what you missed today. You missed an amazing day with a little effort you could have started something that could make you great and change your life to the better forever.

The Math:

Let’s do some basic math, I am a programmer after all I think with numbers. First, get on your favorite search engine and find what the life expectancy is in your country. Then calculate how much time you have left. Of course this is an estimate you could over and under live this estimate by years.

The life expectancy here in Egypt is 70 years. If you are 10 well statistics say you still have another 60. If you are 65 you need to start enjoying your time seriously. I stopped here, however if you want to do further calculations go ahead.

The “Its Okay moment”

I hope I freaked you quite enough to start realizing that time is running out and you need to start doing more. However relax time is running out, but there is always plenty of time to make it count. Even if this hour is your last it’s plenty to change your life. However it is you who decides to either make it count or let it go in waste. Some of the world’s most inspirational people did amazing things in extremely short time. Don’t feel discouraged to be great today. STOP the bullshit of the future is going to be amazing all you have is TODAY

This F***ed up Moment, Your time is Precious !!