A culture of pessimism

It’s amazing how we have a complete population competing on becoming the greatest pessimist. A trend of great cultural pessimism is ruling our life. Online social media technologies has increased our possibilities of connecting through rich media content including text, images, and videos. In my daily routine of scrolling through my endless social network news-feed I have to go through a ton of shit included in our news, our stories, and sadly our jokes. Offline in friendly gatherings the pessimism continues through hopeless conversations. It’s astounding how everyone is talking about how they lead an unfortunate life; I personally call it the “I am unlucky syndrome”.

The continuous flow of pessimism has led to a grim reality where every day living in our nation feels tighter and worse. It nearly feels as if all hope is gone, and that any effort for positive change is just a waste of effort and time. STOP! Yes, you reading this just stop!

You weren’t expecting me to talk directly to you right? Well here are some interesting facts about you. Right now you are reading this stream of words on some sort of smart device, you are reading it over the internet, and guess what you are reading it in English too. Chances are you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge. Do you have any ideas where I am going with this? Well let me tell you plain and simple. Unlike most of Egypt’s population who can’t read or use the internet. You are capable of both which makes you intellectually responsible for providing a better future for our nation.

You can proceed to spread your negative thoughts about how unfortunate it is living in a poverty stricken developing country. However truthfully we do not need your pessimism. It is only leading and contributing to stress, anxiety, and depression. We need your ideas, time, and effort to start a new culture of knowledge and optimism.

A few years back I was sitting with a highly respectable Egyptian statisticians and he told me a very interesting fact. That an average Egyptian merely reads half a page per year. This is ridiculous, how can we hope for a better tomorrow when we are not learning from centuries’ worth of knowledge. Thousands of revolutionary people have their decades worth of life experience written and ready for you to consume within days. For a change stop consuming the shit in our news and in our statuses and start consuming books and articles which are available online cheaply and in many cases free.

For a better future stop feeding the pessimism, you are capable and responsible for providing a better future for your nation. Your simple act of cutting pessimism, educating yourself, and spreading your knowledge is sufficient to initiate a new culture where knowledge and optimism would one day lead to a tipping point for a brighter future.

ACTION FOR YOU: Read and spread knowledge and optimism .. I recommend you read “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. Where he goes into more details on how small action can make big differences.

“The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” – Malcom Gladwell, The Tipping Point

A culture of pessimism

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