Ideas worth executing

I like ideas, ideas make me feel alive. I spend hours of my day simply thinking about ideas. For many it may seem as if I am not doing much. I thought about it, well they are right I am not doing much. Ideas alone are worth pennies. On the other hand the execution of ideas is worth plenty.

I have thousands of ideas going through my head

  • Projects I want to start.
  • Books I want to read.
  • Books I want to write.
  • Languages I want to learn.
  • Blogs I want to start.
  • Communities I want to grow.
  • Trips I want to go.
  • Challenges I want to tackle.

I thought about it all.  I thought about it in great detail too. It’s beautiful really the excitement I feel with every new idea. It’s a stream euphoria starting from the top of my brain to the bottom of my spine. Truly ideas excite me, for me ideas are worth the world. It’s the failing of executing those ideas that make my ideas worth little to everyone else other than me.

Every now and then I execute one of my ideas, leaving me on the top of a trail of success and pride. However I know I am not executing enough. For this today I decided to share my thoughts with you. Hoping to introduce a new phase of acceleration and growth to my life.

For me my failure to execute stems from my fear of taking new steps. A friend once referred me to a Russian author called Fyodor Dostoevsky, in his book Crime and Punishment lies this beautiful quote:

 “Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear the most.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor pinpointed it perfectly we fear novelty, and ideas are very novel (I laughed writing this).  Pushing past our comfort zone is where all the magic happens. It takes time and effort. We may fail, but only through execution is where our ideas can live leading to growth. Growth is where we truly thrive.

Bonus: Just two month ago my dear friend Hanya Seleem told me about an idea she has about designing her very own custom made mobile covers. Hanya decided to execute her idea, it took time and effort. Yet just last week she launched her very first product line (Here: Hanya Saleem Designs). First of all they are beautiful. Is it a success? Maybe I don’t know, but I know one thing for a fact. Now when I think of Hanya I think of Hanya as a creator, not just another face from seven billion.

Execute … Create … Fail … Repeat … Succeed … Be someone not just another face from seven billion.

Ideas worth executing

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