The new beginning

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. ~

I focused on my 3 basic areas of my life for nearly two years (Education, Knowledge, and Social life). Beside that I also focused on trying to figure out what I wanted to accomplish in life. It was tough I didn’t have a clue what I really wanted. I wanted to be successful, but it wasn’t the money nor fame that I was after. Success in our modern culture is measured by money and fame. I built a vague idea of what I needed to do first. I needed to redefine what the word “success” means in my world. Define it to something of higher value to me then money and fame. Shortly later I redefined success to living comfortably, working hard, playing hard, and having loads of fun. This is where I came up with two mottos that redefine success in my world.

My first motto is short, but it carries a deep yet simple meaning:

“Work hard; Play Hard”

Simply it means what it says. When it is time to work do your very best. Don’t slack nor cut around edges. Give it your all 100% of time, energy, and love (Yes Love, if you don’t love what you are doing just cut the bullshit and stop doing it right NOW!) When I am programming this is always the case. I code with all my passion I give it dedicated time and energy. I love my code to an extent I feel connected to my programs. The hard work pays off ending into programs I am proud of and good grades (I am still a student). When it is time to work; do nothing but work. When it is time to play; Do nothing, but play. Play hard means giving your play time your 100% of time, energy and love. Get crazy and be like an energetic child who is discovering a new world for the first time. Actually this is not only about work and play. This is about every single thing in your life. If you are eating, writing, singing, or even admiring the wall ahead of you give it your everything. The point of “Work Hard; Play Hard” is to let you experience life to its fullest and this ladies and gentlemen is SUCCESS.

My second motto to success simply describes how I would like to be living. It is quite clear, however I will also go a little into it:

“Live to ENJOY, LEARN, and SERVE”

This is exactly how I want to be spending my time. Enjoying every moment I live. The world is a big playground don’t take things to seriously enjoy it instead. Enjoy the challenges, the adventures, the risks, and even resting days (Resting days: Days where you sit and do nothing at all, YES enjoy those). Enjoy the amazingly good days as well as the not so good ones. Enjoy it all because you really live only once. Learn is another word I associate with success. You need to learn continuously every single moment teaches us something new. Absorb it all because every single new thing you learn is what makes you in the end. Last thing is serve, we all have abilities that differentiate us from one another. Your abilities are someone else’s needs. As much as we all love to get things in return for what we give, but nothing ever feels better than giving without return. Serve the community, the people, and the environment. Serve as long as you can. Three words that can make someone’s life into a great success enjoy, learn, and serve.

The new beginning

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