My humble view on Life

In my attempt to answer the question “What is Life?” here is what I ended up with after minutes of deep thinking. It didn’t take long because the answer is obvious, yet so many of us just can’t see it.


The Beginning (Journey) we all come into life with a reason and purpose to fulfill. It could be something as small as help someone reach their dream or as big as Changing the world. It doesn’t really matter what the purpose of your life is, but the fact is there is one. Some people leave life without knowing what their purpose is they leave unsatisfied and empty. Do me a favor and don’t leave empty take this moment to find your purpose. Once you know your purpose push forward and get done with it.

The present (live) is all you have got. Give it every ounce of energy you have and start enjoying now. Stop worrying about the future you might even never see it. I am sure there is a couple things on your mind that you are delaying for later. Stop delaying and start doing now.

The Focus we keep focusing our energy on wrong choices giving it our all. Take this Moment to think of the things that occupy your mind everything from your work to the small things you do. Do those things really deserve all this focus? If not just stop and focus on things that really deserve your attention. (Note: I am not telling you to stop doing them. Just give it less importance).

The Discovery the world is a beauty out there it has everything from seas to beautiful mountains. Give some time to really go and give those things the attention they deserve. Get out of the four wall world you are living and experience what real life has to offer. While you are at it don’t forget to thank the creator of everything around you.

The People around you are all exactly like you trying to figure life. A lot of them are failing miserably. Take the chance and get closer to them. Unite and solve life’s mystery together it will make things a lot easier.

Life is a mystery we are all trying to solve a long journey that ends before you know it. While you are at it live every moment once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Focus on the right things don’t give too much attention to things that don’t really matter. Discover the beauty we are given and thank the creator.  It’s easier with people.

My humble view on Life

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