Kill the Routine

       Hello ladies and gentlemen today I would like to happily declare you as part of the routine. Yes, a routine where society placed you convincing you that this is what life is all about. From the day you were born till the day you die you are part of society’s routine. A routine that makes you believe that happiness is waiting for you on the other side of the road. A routine you never questioned, as a matter of fact you market the routine. Encouraging your friends and family to join your ultimate misery. Misery! Yes, you heard that right. I am sure by now you are wondering what I really mean by the word routine. Hang on as I slowly reveal to you what this is all about.

     We are born in a world where belief controls our life. Everything we encounter along the day has a certain belief associated with it. The emotions we feel are all based on certain beliefs that we have built on certain actions. For example when you see a colorful advertisement on the television with a fast paced tune we feel happy and cheerful because that’s our belief of happiness colorful and fast. Imagine this small example on everything. We base our lives on BELIEFS  From the moment we are born society starts to build our beliefs telling and showing us how we should feel about things. Until the day we are put in school and here ladies and gents where the routine all starts.  Society comes in and says “School is where all successful and happy people are formed”. Boom the 12 years just flashes in a moment and school is finished with all its moments it’s gone forever. We just finished school shouldn’t happiness just show up? “No” says the society, “All the successful people have higher degrees and successful people are happy!” Here we go again with a new goal of having a higher degree to reach success and therefore happiness. Boom another 4 years at least have passed and here again we turn to society asking have I finally reached? “Of course not” says society “You should find a well-paying job to feel the freedom”. Fed up, a quarter of our life has already passed and we still didn’t find the happiness we were promised a decade ago. We still listen to society and start our job hunt an interview after the other and finally a well-paying job is landed. The enthusiasm has been halved still looking to society for desperate hope questioning the whole process. Society with a quick move picks us up. Promising that the journey is nearly over saying “Well done my dear, you are nearly done all that’s left to do is build your empire. You must acquire three things and Happiness would automatically be granted. Become rich. Have power. Become famous.” Although we have started to question society this time it looks so much clearer power, money, and fame would defiantly satisfy our hunger for happiness. The journey has begun gaining power, money, and fame for the next few decades we have grown our three sources of happiness, but happiness is nowhere to be found. Society has promised and we believed so we decide to put more effort and time into reaching happiness. There comes a moment where some of us realize that society has lied and go a different route maybe finding happiness. The depressing truth is that the majority never realize sitting on their death bed wondering maybe they haven’t made enough money, power, or fame. Leaving the world disappointed believing they haven’t worked hard enough. Unhappy they leave.

     Here is where most the society has fallen prey to a self-made monster of routine. The routine has been lived by millions of people and still would be lived by millions to come. The purpose of this article is not to limit your dreams. Education is an essential part of our development. Also money, power, and fame are all essential parts of our lives, but at no moment should they be our priorities. This is an eye opener that encourages you to question the routine. Only you know what makes you happy. Discover, risk, fail, succeed, and repeat until you find your path to happiness. Defy the society, the routine, the beliefs, and start building your own trail to happiness. Once you have reached turn around and watch as society follow hoping to reach a place where you and I only know the secret behind.

Kill the Routine

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